Sunday, July 19, 2009

For those of us who actually enjoy busting balls, yours or another guys, stories of how your got
started, why you enjoy it, busting or getting busted is of great interest of all ballbusters. My first
time of getting busted was awesome. My first time of busting another was also awesome. Only
a boy, a male with balls can understand what happens when your balls are crushedor you get to
crush another boys balls. The reaction is the best. You gasp, grab your balls, slam your knees
together and sink to the ground with this awesome thunder of pain in your poor puny balls. Your done. You cant do a fucking thing, it's to fucking bad. It's been done to you and when you do it to another boy, you know just what he's going through. It's a real turnon, your own dick
gets rock hard, you leak, you imagine that the boy you just busted is as hard, leaking his own
precum, and hoping it happens again.

I want to hear your stories about your first time, getting your balls squashed, the last time you
had your balls squashed, and finally the worst time you had your balls busted. Then the stories
of your conquest of other boys balls. The first time you crushed, the last time you crushed, and
the worst time you crushed another boys balls. The time you knew you made him sterile.

Have fun with this site. Fantasy, reality. It doesn't matter. I nutted Robin many times.

Just do it.